GPS Hiking Smart Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch

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Outdoor Sports Waterproof Watch,Multi-function Mode,for Tracking Running,Hiking, Heart Rate Monitor,SOS,Compass,Watch Connect with Smart Cellphone APP

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Outdoor sports waterproof watch GPS Hiking Smart Watch,Multi-function Mode,for Tracking Running,Hiking,Heart Rate Monitor,SOS,Compass,Watch Connect with Smart Cellphone APP

Product Description

1.SOS for help:
Set up your custom SOS buttons on your smart watch. When you are in danger, your watch will notify all your friends to help you out as soon as possible.
2.Heart rate monitoring:
Check your heart rate anytime with smart watch while working out. Understand your body condition so you can maximum your exercise results. The built-in heart rate sensor in smart watch uses the technology called photoplethysmography, as the same in the Apple Watch. Photoplethysmography detects your pulse without the discomfort from a chest strap.
3.Act as an instrument:
Smart watch has the most important features for hikers: compass, barometer, and altimeter. Smart watch is also equipped with other handy features for multi-day trips, including thermometer and hygrometer.
4.Weather forecast:
Paired with the weather app on your smartphone,smart watch will let you know the latest weather in your area, ensuring that you will always be prepared for unexpected weather changes.
5.Outdoor hikers social good platform:
Join the community of hikers using UWear’s free app. Find people with same interests and ask them to join your next adventure. You can also share your favorite trails to social media accounts.
6.SOS system:
Outdoor sports waterproof watch supports three major navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS and BDS – to offer you the best navigation solutions, while most products from competitors on the market only support one system.
7.Strong water resistance:
Smart watch is rated water resistant 100M (10atm), so you can definitely leave it on when you are on water trails, or even when you are swimming, surfing and doing other water sports.

Package Included:
1 x Outdoor sports waterproof watch
1 x USB Charge cable
1 x Special screwdriver
1 x User Guide(multilingual)


HIGH QUALITY: Outdoor sports waterproof watch is a wrestling waterproof function of the watch, the material used: SUS316 stainless steel, powder metallurgy process, environmental silicone strap, 1.2-inch bright E-ink screen, diamond mirror glass mirror.waterproof level:100M (10atm).

MULTI-FUNCTION OPERATION: Three navigation systems – GPS, GLONASS and BDS, when you exercise, check your heart rate at any time. As well as compass, barometer and altimeter, weather forecast, SOS, out of difficulties and other functions.

MULTI-MOTION MODE: This outdoor sports waterproof watch has 10 sports modes, namely running, walking, marathon, swimming, surfing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, cycling, boating, skiing and golf. Keep track of your sports data all the time, if you download a UWEAR app in phone, you can always check your sports data and become a healthier person.

PLENTY OF TIME FOR ELECTRICITY: USB charging smart watch, charging only need 2.5 hours, you can use 10 days, standby can be used for 15 days, the watch will be displayed on the screen in order to remind you when to charge.

WARRANTY: We offer a 3 year warranty. If you are not satisfied with our products or do not know how to operate the watch, please contact us in advance, within 3 hours for your service, we will do our best to serve you.


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